Underfloor Heating Systems

Altherma Underfloor Heating by Daikin

Altherma heating system from Universal CoolingOne of the energy efficient Heating systems available from Universal Cooling is the Altherma Air source heat pump. The Altherma heating system extracts the heat from the outside air, raises this heat to a higher temperature and distributes heat around the building. Three quarters of the heat generated by the Altherma system is from a renewable energy source - the air around us - and is therefore free of charge! The system offers low running costs, a 30-50% reduction in CO2 emissions and is easy to install. Underfloor heating

Altherma heats up to 5 times more efficiently than a traditional heating system based on fossil fuels or electricity. By making use of the heat in the outside air, you use much less energy while still enjoying a stable and pleasant level of comfort.

Maintenance requirements are minimal making your running cost low. Thanks to the inverter technology, your energy savings are even greater.

Minimal installation cost

Altherma takes heat from the air. No digging or excavation works are required. Both the outdoor and indoor units are compact. The external unit can be located easily outside any building, including flats. Without flames or fumes, there is no need for a chimney or constant ventilation in the room where the Altherma indoor unit is installed.


Altherma can be configured for use in both new and refurbishment applications, and connects to standard low temperature radiators, under floor heating or fan coil units. If you already have a heating system, there is no need to change it all.


Altherma works without oil, gas or other hazardous substances – reducing potential risk that goes together. Moreover, you don’t need a gas connection or a fuel tank. No risk of intoxication, smell or pollution from leaking tanks.

Download the Altherma brochure here

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Underfloor heating

Universal Cooling supply and install underfloor heating systems for all types of commercial premises and businesses.

Mitsubishi Ecodan Underfloor heating

Ecodan Underfloor heating from Universal Cooling, Lancashire, UK.Universal Cooling are approved installers (AEI) of the Mitsubishi Ecodan underfloor heating system. Ecodan is only available through Approved Ecodan Installers (AEI) to ensure that every system is optimised to suit each individual property and deliver the highest standards of performance.

There is now a real demand for heating systems that will cut costs and help to reduce the carbon footprint of homes and businesses. Ecodan air source heat pumps offer significantly higher levels of efficiency when compared to traditional methods of heating.

Ecodan W50 unit from Universal CoolingAir source heat pumps are much easier to install than ground source so they are more suitable for a wide variety of properties.

The Ecodan air source heat pump system consists of an external box which is fitted to an outside wall. It harvests renewable, low grade energy from the outdoor air and upgrades this into useful heat to supply hot water and heating. For every 1kW of electricity fed into Ecodan, you will get at least 3kW of heating energy.

Ecodan underfloor heating from Universal CoolingThe outdoor unit is a bit like a fridge in that it has a circuit of factory-sealed copper piping containing ozone-friendly refrigerant, which is continually compressed and expanded to extract the free, renewable energy from the air.

Your fridge extracts heat from the box inside (to keep food cold) and rejects it at the back. The air source heat pump works a bit like this but in reverse in that it extracts heat from the outdoor air and upgrades it to heat up your hot water supply.

It can work efficiently all year round even if the outdoor temperature should drop to -15ºC.

The Ecodan range of air source heat pump systems have been developed by Mitsubishi Electric specifically for the UK and bring advanced, inverter-driven technology.

Download the Ecodan brochure here

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How can Universal Cooling help?

we provide Complete solutions

Universal Cooling provide Heating Systems, design, installation and management.

we are highly experienced

With experience gained in all sectors, for organizations large and small; we are very easy to do business with. From our free surveys through to a fast, non-disruptive installation, we deliver high performance heating Systems for all types and sizes of business.

No two businesses are the same. That’s why we provide bespoke solutions based on the right equipment, the climate you wish to create, space limitations and most importantly; your budget.

we are fully independent

Our independence means we can recommend the most appropriate products and advice based on your business needs; we have huge experience installing systems in every conceivable location.

we use only the best equipment

We provide tried and tested equipment from brand names such as Daikin and Mitsubishi.

we represent value for money

We believe the systems we specify provide you with the best value for money, through reduced energy consumption, lower running costs, fewer breakdowns and a longer lifespan.

we care about the environment

We are committed to helping the environment and believe in using environmentally neutral refrigerants, coupled with the latest energy efficient equipment for reduced Co2 emissions.

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