Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Mitsubishi Lossnay Heat Recovery

Lossnay Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems from Universal Cooling offer excellent air quality and unbeatable Heat Exchange Efficiency.

Lossnay heat recovery ventilation from Universal Cooling in Lancashire, UK.

Poor air quality can be attributed to many problems arising in the workplace or in the home. It is believed to contribute to a significant loss in productivity, low morale and higher rates of sickness amongst many employees. The object of providing good ventilation alongside air conditioning in residential and commercial buildings is to provide conditions under which people can live and work in comfort and safety.

Lossnay system from universal CoolingDeveloped and refined over the past 30 years, the Lossnay system has perfected the recovery of waste energy. The units reduce overall energy costs by extracting stale air and then recovering the heating or cooling energy to either warm or cool incoming fresh air. By utilising this energy, the Lossnay system can save up to 30% on initial capital costs of heating and cooling plant.

The Secret of the Lossnay System

The secret of the Lossnay system lies in the cross flow, plate fin structure of the heat exchange unit (Lossnay core).

Lossnay system from universal CoolingA diaphragm made of specially processed paper fully separates inlet and exhaust air supplies, ensuring that only fresh air is introduced to the indoor environment. The superior heat-transfer and moisture permeability of the special paper ensures highly efficient total heat exchange (temperature and humidity) when inlet and exhaust air supplies cross in the Lossnay element.

Main features of Lossnay

  • Effective ventilation
    Lossnay’s simultaneous air exhaust/supply provides effective ventilation. Conventional ventilators (ie. Extract propeller fans) do not work effectively within air tight buildings because of the negative air pressures involved.
  • Good energy recovery
    Total heating (sensible and latent) recovery provides a comfortable air temperature within the room. The energy saved by using Lossnay contributes towards lowering the heating or cooling requirement within the building, therefore reducing the energy requirement and running costs.
  • Free cooling function (LGH series)
    When the outdoor temperature is lower than the indoor air conditioned temperature in the summer, Lossnay provides fresh outdoor cool air to reduce the indoor air temperature.
  • Multi-ventilation mode (LGH series)
    The supply/exhaust balance can be selected to suit the usage environment and location.
  • Good sound attenuation
    As the Lossnay core is made of paper and the permeable holes are small, the Lossnay core provides outstanding soundproofing properties and is appropriate for sound proof rooms.
  • ECA approval (LGH-RX4 series)
  • Part L2 Building Regulations
    With the introduction of Part L2 (Part J in Scotland), new building design is changing to become more airtight, as well as energy efficient. The need for fresh air has remained the same however and thus poses new challenges for modern design. Lossnay fully meets these challenges due to its basic principal and its efficient heat recovery.
  • Download the Lossnay brochure here.

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Daikin HRV - Heat Reclaim Ventilation

HRV helps create a high quality environment by interlocking with the air conditioning system.

The Daikin HRV (Heat Reclaim Ventilation) recovers heat energy lost through ventilation and holds down room temperature changes caused by ventilation, thereby maintaining a comfortable and clean environment. This also reduces the load on the air conditioning system and conserves energy. In addition, the HRV interlocks with Daikin’s VRV system, Sky Air and other air conditioning systems and automatically switches over ventilation mode, further increasing the effects of energy conservation.

Energy efficient heat recovery from Universal CoolingHRV operation has been centralised on the air conditioner remote control allowing total control over air conditioning and ventilation via a simple configuration. The current line-up includes models with DX coil and/or humidifier - the DX coil helps prevent the direct impact of cold airflow upon personnel during the heating cycle and vice versa. High static pressure enhances design flexibility.

New Features VKM unit

  • Humidifier
  • DX coil
  • High static pressure


  • Over 30 % Size Reduction
    Use of the high efficiency paper (HEP) element and optimized design of the fan and airflow passages have resulted in matchless compactness without detriment to the 28% or so reduction in air conditioning load achieved by previous models. A reduction of up to 40mm in height allows the main unit to fit easily into limited spaces such as ceilings
  • On average 28 % air conditioning load reduction (maximum 40 %):
    - 20% by operating in total heat exchange mode (in comparison with normal ventilation fans)
    - a further 6 % by auto-ventilation mode changeover switching
    - a further 2 % by pre-cool, pre-heat control (reduces air conditioning load by not running the HRV while air is still clean soon after the air conditioner is switched on.)
    Note: the values mentioned above may vary according to weather and other environmental conditions at the location of the unit’s installation
  • Proprietary Developed HEP Element
    The heat exchange element uses a high efficiency paper (HEP) possessing superior moisture absorption and humidifying properties. The heat exchange unit speedily recovers heat contained in latent heat (vapour). The element is made of a material with flame resistant properties and is treated with an anti-moulding agent.

Operation of the heat exchanger element

heat recovery system

Automatic Changeover to Efficient Operation Patterns

Operation automatically switches to the optimum pattern to suit prevailing conditions.


  • Outdoor Operation Temperature down to -15°C
    If the outdoor air suction temperature falls below -10°C, the unit switches to intermittent operation to prevent freezing of the heat exchanger element and dew condensation within the unit.
    Intermittent operation = a thermistor (standard equipment) within the unit detects the outdoor air temperature. Unit operation varies according to the detected temperature.
  • Slim Design
    The slim design of the HRV unit enables it to be mounted in narrow ceiling voids and irregularly shaped spaces.
  • Simple Design and Construction
    The unit can be installed either horizontally or upside down in accordance with the conditions of the location.
    A 450mm square inspection hatch enables maintenance and heat exchange element replacement to be performed with ease.
  • Quiet Operation
    Sound pressure levels are remarkable low at 20.5dBA (VAM150FA).
  • Fresh-Up Operation
    The user can select between 2 fresh-up modes via the remote control
  • Filter Cleaning
    A signal on the remote control indicates when the air filter needs cleaning

These are just some of the features of this system, contact us for more information - download the product brochure here.

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How can Universal Cooling help?

we provide Complete solutions

Universal Cooling provide Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems, design, installation and management.

we are highly experienced

With experience gained in all sectors, for organizations large and small; Universal Cooling are very easy to do business with. From our free surveys through to a fast, non-disruptive installation, we deliver high performance Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems for all types and sizes of business.

No two businesses are the same. That’s why we provide bespoke solutions based on the right equipment, the climate you wish to create, space limitations and most importantly; your budget.

we are fully independent

Our independence means we can recommend the most appropriate products and advice based on your business needs; we have huge experience installing systems in every conceivable location.

we use only the best equipment

We provide tried and tested equipment from brand names such as Daikin and Mitsubishi.

we represent value for money

We believe the systems we specify provide you with the best value for money, through reduced energy consumption, lower running costs, fewer breakdowns and a longer lifespan.

we care about the environment

We are committed to helping the environment and believe in using environmentally neutral refrigerants, coupled with the latest energy efficient equipment for reduced Co2 emissions.

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