Conveni-pack meets the requirements of a challenging retailing environment

Daikin has more than 80 years experience in the refrigeration and air conditioning business manufacturing over a million residential and commercial systems per year.

There are new demands on the refrigeration, heating and air conditioning systems in the modern convenience store to satisfy the needs of energy reduction, fresh and chilled food management, customer comfort and environmental building regulations and restrictions.

Daikin Quality Solution

Conveni pack chart 1Daikin, the UK's market leader in heating and cooling solutions, has developed a complete solution for refrigeration and heating for the convenience store sector. Conveni-pack is a complete package offering an integrated solution using the latest air to air heat pump technology, combined with integrated controls to provide the right temperature and environment for every area in the convenience store.

Cost effective solution

Conveni pack chart 2Compared to a traditional heating and refrigeration solution, the purchase of Conveni-pack makes good financial sense. There is a desirable payback, from energy savings, lower maintenance and reduced operating cost, on the initial capital investment. Life time costs savings will be significant.

Designed Specifically for the Convenience Store

Conveni pack roomConveni-pack is designed for the typical 150 to 300 square meter convenience store. Providing the right solution for chilled cabinets, shopping aisles and customers is no easy task. Food quality, comfortable shopping and lower energy costs are all key areas for consideration when designing a new store or refurbishing an older one. Conveni-pack is specifically deigned to satisfy the requirements of the convenience store owner.

Conveni-Pack key benefits

  • Conveni-pack is specially designed to provide remote refrigeration, air conditioning and heating for the convenience store, typically 1500 – 3000 sq ft. By using the heat rejection from the Refrigeration, rejecting it through the Air Conditioning, thus saving electrical energy.
  • Daikin Conveni-pack is offered with complete design and installation support, including on site QA visit and system commissioning.
  • Daikin Conveni-pack is also offered with Airnet online monitoring 24/7. This provides real time monitoring of all critical parameters. The system follows trends in operating performance and can predict possible system failures before the event occurs.
  • Daikin Conveni-pack offers Spares Backup, Design support, on site support 24hrs 365 days a year.
  • Daikin Conveni-pack is eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances, allowing a capital allowance equal to 100% of the capital cost to be claimed in the first year.
  • Daikin Conveni-pack is eligible for Carbon Trust loans, providing an interest free loan based on the predicted energy savings.
  • Daikin Conveni-pack has a reduced refrigerant foot print, thus reducing the amount of refrigerant, to comply with the F Gas below 30 kg of refrigerant so only one F gas visit is required, also complies to BS EN 378, the amount of refrigerant in a occupied space.
  • Daikin Conveni-pack enjoys energy efficiency over conventional equipment of up to 50%. This is through inverter compressor technology, improved controls and through recovery of the waste heat expelled from the refrigeration showcases.
  • Better temperature control provides enhanced customer and staff comfort, leading to a better retailing environment.
  • Daikin Conveni-pack is a single unit measuring 2.2Msq, providing substantial space savings.
  • Daikin Conveni-pack is a low noise solution, allowing its use in urban and residential areas.

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