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Airbloc energy saving Air curtains


Warehouses, factories, retail premises and cold rooms are all subject to the problems caused by frequently open doors. The open door not only causes discomfort but greatly increases the energy loss and, therefore, the running costs of the building.

Air curtains

Airbloc units offer a cost effective, energy efficient solution to these problems. The Airbloc range comprises of ambient unheated models, or heated models using gas, electric, hot water or steam. Units can be easily installed in either existing or new buildings. In new, well insulated structures Airbloc, by eliminating a major source of heat loss, provides the final complement to the low energy concept.

Open doorways - problem

When doors are opened in heated buildings, outside, colder, more dense air flows in through the bottom half of the door opening, whilst internal air flows out through the upper part of the doorway. Conversely, in air-conditioned buildings or cold stores, the colder more dense internal air spills out at low level and is replaced by warm, moist air.

Airbloc Air curtains

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Airbloc - solution

The installation of an Airbloc energy saving air curtain provides a barrier of air that deflects the natural convection airflow keeping conditioned air inside the building.

The Airbloc design provides air at a critical velocity, volume flow and temperature for optimum performance.

Airbloc - technology

In order to achieve efficient low energy solutions, the air jet width, velocity and pattern of the airflow is crucial. Airbloc units incorporate the following design features for optimum performance.

  • Uniform linear flow across the full door width.
  • Fan speed control with extra width adjustable air jet for improved wind resistance.

Airbloc - simple versatile installation

Airbloc units are supplied in a compact modular format for simplified on-site handling. Units are designed for doors up to 6 metres high.

For industrial applications where over door installation is not practical, the units may be vertically mounted at one or both sides of the door. Remote control panels are provided with each air curtain (except mini AC600) to reduce on-site wiring.

Custom designed units

Although the three Airbloc ranges cover the majority of standard applications, Airbloc air curtains can be custom designed to meet particular requirements. These may include special sizing for integration within ceiling systems or bulkheads, vertical mounting, or units with specific airflow performance.

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