Air conditioning

aircon-cloudsWhether at work or relaxing at home, air conditioning can make a big difference to your enviroment, getting the best out of the working day and enjoying to the full your home environment. Offering more choice than ever with floor standing, wall, ceiling or window- mounted, ceiling cassette. or discreet ducted split air conditioning systems that neatly fit in a ceiling or wall void.With engineering at its highest level of reliability, on board computer technology has enhanced performance output. Regardless of building and room size, or the season,air conditioning systems offer the flexibility and freedom to ensure a best fit solution for any cooling or heating need. Air purification and deordorization features make indoor environments more pleasant, while sophicated technologies permit simultanious cooling of one room while heating another.

aircon-businessIn the workplace, air conditioning is no longer considered a luxury. Instead employers can see real benefits of maintaining a comfotable working environment through increased production. Research has shown that as the office or factory temperature rises so staff performance falls. And many more home owners now consider air conditining as important as their home heating system. Which when you think about it makes sense.

Split air conditioning systems are particularly beneficial as the condensor is intsalled outside the building, ensuring quiet operation inside. A remotely wired or hand held controller provides flexible operation relating to time programmes, room temperature and more. Add heat pump technology and your split air conditioner can now supply heating as well as cooling to the room, often providing an economical alternative to cental heating systems.

Window Air conditioning units

aircon-windowWindow units, which combine the indoor and condenser sections into one neat package, are the practical solution to 'instant' air conditioning. Easily installed through a window or wall opening, refreshing cool air is available at the touch of a button.

Benefiting from many of the features that Fujitsu split systems are famous for, the Window range also feature Super Wave, which maximises the air output from a compact body. The direction of the air flow is freely adjustable so that all corners of the room benefit from the conditioned air. One touch control panel opening for easy access, together with an effortless filter removal system.

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Wall mounted Air conditioning units

aircon-wall-mount Starting with the outer housing that incorporates the elegance of smooth lines, understated soft corners and finished in delicate ivory tones, through to physically compact units that discreetly compliment any interior.

Impressive reliability figures, state of the art technology and a range of features that ensure that the user gets the best performance from every air conditioner. These include the newly developed technology, which boosts air flow throughout the room by directing cool air to all corners of the room. The Power Diffuser feature is adaptable for heating and cooling modes. In the vertical mode, heating is directed to floor level where cold air gathers, while the horizontal mode distributes cool air at ceiling height.

Hand held or wall fixed remote controllers puts the user in control: start/stop, timed programmes, temperature settings, fan speed control, air flow direction, and more.

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Compact Cassette Air conditioning units

aircon-compact-cassetteIncorporating the latest fan technology, these units distribute conditioned air through 2, 3 or 4 sides of the unit. In addition, direction flaps allow air to be directed in either a pre-set or a sweep pattern. An additional advantage of the Fujitsu cassette range is that outside air, as well as conditioned air, can be introduced into the room.

  • Multi-directional air flow
  • Compact and quiet
  • Motorised louvres
  • Cooling/heating
  • Ultra quiet
  • Washable air filter
  • Easy-to-use remote controller
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Condensate lift pump

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Cassette Air conditioning units

aircon-cassetteInstalled within the ceiling void flush to the ceiling with a slim 20mm ceiling grille, ceiling cassettes have long been the preferred air conditioner. Air conditioning cassettes have always been one of the slimmest available, thereby beating the competition in installation. Now air conditioning has 'Slender Fit' technology. Specifically designed for restricted ceiling voids, the 'Slender Fit' mechanism allows the position of the cassette body to be adjusted relative to the grille, reducing the height of the unit by 35mm. Ensuring an even better fit in narrow ceiling voids.

All cassette models benefit from multi-directional air flow systems, allowing conditioned air to be distributed from two, three or four aspects of the unit, thereby permitting the unit to be installed along a wall or in the corner of a room. Other standard features include Auto Air Flow Adjustment that automatically adjusts the air flow to match room conditions and Auto-Changeover on the heat pump models, which automatically changes from the heating to cooling mode to maintain the set temperature.

Hand held or wall fixed remote controllers (depending upon the model selected) puts the user in control: start/stop, timed programmes, temperature settings, fan speed control, air flow direction, and more. Systems can also feature a seven day timer; simplicity in itself. Different time programmes, temperature, air flow direction, and fan speeds can be pro-programmed for each day of the week, providing the end-user with an exceptional standard of personal control.

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Floor Ceiling Universal Air conditioning units

aircon-ceiling-floorAn intelligent approach to air conditioning with a single unit that is equally at home standing upright as a floor unit or fitted horizontally to the ceiling. Either choice provides the user with a slim, lightweight air conditioner that employs Double Auto Awing louvre technology that distributes air evenly throughout the room whether at floor or ceiling height. The newly developed Super Vane feature boosts air flow throughout the room by directing air to all corners of the room.

Other system features include: Automatic Air Flow Adjustment to match changes in room temperature, Automatic Restart after power failure, and with the heat pumps models, Auto-Changeover from heating or cooling to maintain room temperature.

Hand held or wall fixed remote controllers puts the user in control: start/stop, timed programmes, temperature settings, fan speed control, air flow direction, and more.

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Large Ceiling Air conditioning units

aircon-floorceilingThey may be larger in capacity, but in size they are still the most compact available. Overall height is 240mm with the option of reducing this to a visible 160mm when installed in a false ceiling. Larger capacity ceiling-mounted air conditioners are elegant in design, quiet in operation and yet still pack a mighty cooling and heating punch.

New features include a fresh air intake facility, together with a standard gravity condensate drain or the pumped system allowing the installer the flexibility of an alternative piping route. Conditioned air is evenly distributed throughout the room via the unit's double (horizontal and vertical) air flow pattern, automatically adjusted to match changes in room temperature. While micro-processor intelligence regulates the air flow volume for maximum occupancy comfort. Auto-Changeover on the heat pump models is standard, allowing the unit to automatically switch between the heating and cooling modes to maintain room temperature.

Hand held or wall fixed remote controllers puts the user in control: start/stop, timed programmes, temperature settings, fan speed control, air flow direction, and more.

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Under Ceiling Air conditioning units

aircon-underceilingThe 4-way blow ceiling suspended cassettes are the ideal solution for rooms, shops or offices without false ceilings. These indoor units are an excellent solution for larger areas with high occupancy and ceiling heights up to 3.5m. The super inverter system reduces power consumption by up to 70% compared to non-inverter units and ensures maximum comfort, operating silence and reliability.

Vertical auto-swing of the flaps and five different air flow patters available ensure the best distribution of air throughout the whole room.

Features include:

  • Wired remote controller with weekly timer.
  • Home leave operation.
  • Air flow flexibility.
  • Comfortable air distribution.
  • Dry programme.
  • Air purification filter.

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Ceiling Wall Air conditioning units

aircon-ceilingThe unique design of the new ceiling wall units allows them to be positioned unobtrusively in the angle between wall and ceiling. High-performance cooling and heating functions, combined with a large, wide airflow, make this unit a highly efficient and discreet option.

  • Large and wide airflow
  • High efficiency
  • Low noise
  • Large centre display
  • Easy maintenance
  • Inverter options
  • Automatic filter cleaning options

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Duct Type Air conditioning units

aircon-ductDuct type air conditioning systems offer quiet, efficient operation as either ceiling-mounted or floor-mounted units. The compact design of the units allows for easy installation and makes them ideal for situations where space is at a premium. Adjustable via wired remote control, the new duct type units also feature automatic air flow adjustment.

  • High power
  • Low noise
  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Program timer
  • Auto-restart
  • Automatic air flow adjustment
  • Washable air filter

Air conditioning has never been so discreet than with the new Duct Type concealed ceiling-mounted and floor-standing air conditioners. The ultra-slim units have been designed to fit neatly within the ceiling void or at floor level behind panelling. Conditioned air is distributed throughout the room via discreet diffuser grilles. This approach offers practical solutions to interior decor, incorporates space saving engineering, and delivers all the advantages of other modern split systems.

Automatic Air Flow Adjustment uses microprocessor technology to adjust the air temperature in line with changing room temperatures and all units come complete with connectable distribution duct, for connection to an adjacent area or room, and fresh air duct.

Wall fixed remote controllers puts the user in control: start/stop, timed programmes, temperature settings, fan speed control, air flow direction, and more.

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Multi-type Air conditioning units

aircon-multiMulti-type systems are renowned for their flexible approach to air conditioning, allowing several rooms to be served by a single condenser. Your first step is to decide if you need a system comprising 2, 3, 4, or 5 indoor units and then (dependent upon the system selected) choose from an impressive range of wall-mounted or ceiling cassette air conditioners.

Microcomputer technology automatically adjusts the airflow to match changes in room temperature, while automatic louvre adjustments ensure that the air is evenly distributed throughout the space. In the event of a temporary power failure, the air conditioning system will resume the pre-programmed operating mode once power has been restored.

Hand held or wall fixed remote controllers puts the user in control: start/stop, timed programmes, temperature settings, fan speed control, air flow direction, and more.

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VRF System (Variable Refrigerant Flow System) Air conditioning

aircon-vrfThe VRF system is truly adaptable air conditioning technology, with a complete range of wall, ceiling and floor-standing models available. The VRF range combines performance and reliability with complete flexibility of design. Both 2-pipe (cooling only and heat pump) and 3-pipe (heat recovery) systems are available.

The single outdoor unit is powerful enough to feed eight indoor units, yet small enough to fit virtually anywhere. With a high-performance DC inverter, the VRF systems are also extremely efficient, as well as simple to install and superbly reliable.

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How can Universal Cooling help?

we provide Complete solutions

Universal Cooling provide air conditioning survey, design, installation and contract management of various sized applications ranging from single split type contracts through to multi VRV/VRF type contracts.

we are highly experienced

Air conditioning from Universal Cooling, Lancashire, UK.With experience gained in all sectors, for organizations large and small; we are very easy to do business with. From our free surveys through to a fast, non-disruptive installation, we deliver high performance air conditioning solutions for everything from single rooms and offices to independent retail outlets, small and medium sized businesses, workshops and more.

No two businesses are the same. That’s why we provide bespoke solutions based on the right equipment, the climate you wish to create, space limitations and most importantly; your budget.

we are fully independent

Air conditioning from Universal Cooling, Lancashire, UK.Our independence means we can recommend the most appropriate products and advice based on your business needs; we have huge experience installing systems in every conceivable location.

we use only the best equipment

We provide tried and tested equipment from brand names such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi and LG Electronics.

we represent value for money

We believe the systems we specify provide you with the best value for money, through reduced energy consumption, lower running costs, fewer breakdowns and a longer lifespan.

we care about the environment

We are committed to helping the environment and believe in using environmentally neutral refrigerants, coupled with the latest energy efficient equipment for reduced Co2 emissions.

Some examples of air conditioning equipment supplied by Universal Cooling can be seen in our Recent Projects section.

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Whats my next step?

Contact us to learn more about Air conditioning from Universal Cooling, Lancashire, UK.Simply contact Universal Cooling to discuss your requirements further and let us take care of the rest. If you're in a hurry or just want to talk to one of the team, use our quick contact form here and we will get back to you as soon as we can, or alternatively give us a call directly on 01254 396005.

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